Welcome to the Koninklijk Friesch Paarden-stamboek (KFPS) webshop. You can use this site to order KFPS promotional products. See ladies’ and men’s clothing, books and horse related products at the website and order them online.

New: You can now use your KFPS Value check when you order in the webshop. See option 'KFPS Value check' by the items.

NOTE! The Value check will have to be sent to us, see address below. We send the order after we recieve the value check and can verify it. All value checks are individually numbered.

NOTE! If you would like to order the same article, two times using a value check, you have to select the items two times. One time with clicking 'value coupon' and then again the same article without clicking 'value coupon'. You will see at paymant you have the same article two times, one with the value coupon and one without.

Ameidewal 3a
5701NL Helmond


Free by every order this beautiful KFPS Royal Friesian backpack


KFPS Saddle pad navy 

Plastic Stable Plate NL & KFPS Toy Horse,

Because we cannot handle Payments outside EU we kindly ask clients outside these countries to take contact with KFPS for ordering. You can send an e-mail to marijkeakkerman@kfps.nl



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